What Color is the adhesive?

What temperature is the adhesive safe to?

How long does the adhesive take to dry?

What preparation is required?

Which kit do I need?

Can the adhesive be used in other applications where a high temperature adhesive is needed?

Q. What color is the adhesive?
A. The adhesive is black.

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Q. What maximum temperature is the adhesive suitable for?
A. The adhesive remains flexible in use up to 572º Fahrenheit (300º Centigrade), this is hotter than the temperatures most normal domestic ovens would reach, however specifications do vary and so we recommend that you check the maximum temperature for your model of oven to ensure that the adhesive is suitable.  It is important that the adhesive remains flexible when cured as the materials that it is bonding, glass and metal, will expand at slightly different rates as they heat and cool. If the adhesive was not flexible the bond would possibly break.

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Q. How long does it take to dry?
A. The adhesive cures rather than dries using moisture normally present in the air. Therefore you should not try to force dry the adhesive. An 1/8th inch thick layer will normally take about 8 hours to cure, however we recommend that the adhesive is allowed 24 hours to ensure it has properly cured before any stress is applied to the bond, or it is subjected to heat.

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Q. What preparation is required?
A.The surfaces must be clean from any dust or grease. The old silicone should be removed as much as possible using the scraper supplied. We recommend that the surfaces are first cleaned with a detergent and given a final clean with rubbing alcohol (when cold) or a similar degreasing cleaner.

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Q. Which kit do I need?
A. The original Oven Door Glue kit was designed for re-affixing brackets and hinges that had come free. Many Ovens have the glass held in by a small metal bracket that is glued to the glass, and then screwed to the oven door. The standard kit is perfect for this task. The standard kit is also ideal for the repair of oven gaskets and seals. We found that some customers were using the kit to glue the glass directly to the oven door. Depending on the exact circumstances, the standard kit did not always have sufficient adhesive and so we have introduced the larger kit. If the glass is stuck directly to the oven door, provided there is no recess to be filled, the standard kit will be sufficient for a glass window of up to 4 feet in circumference. This might typically be an internal small oven / grill door. Where the glass is larger than this, or if there is a recess that needs to be filled, we recommend the larger kit.

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Q. Can the adhesive be used in other applications where a high temperature adhesive is needed?
A. The adhesive provides a good bond to many different substrates, including: Glass, Metals, rubber, most plastics and ceramics. We do not recommend that it is used on copper. We have had feedback from customers that have used the adhesive to fix the ceramic plates back on GHD hair straighteners, glue brake caliper covers to a brake caliper, fix the mirror inside a projector, hold the glass in a stage light, prevent a crack from worsening in a Le Crusiet casserole dish lid as well as many other tasks that required a high quality adhesive, capable of withstanding high temperatures. The success of any repair will depend upon the actual environment as well as the preparation that is made for the adhesive. As such we cannot guarantee that it is suited to any given task, but please do contact us if you would like further advice.

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